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Beginning IronPython

Oct 25, 2008 at 2:31 AM

Hy Guys

I just started playing with IronPython and discovered The Studio. Besides of my expirience with Python, I also got a bit of expirience with Visual Studio. Using Python I work a lot with SQLite. I like in Visual studio how it handels connections to a sql server like how to insert data into a data grid using drag and drop. I would also like to use this with visual studio, but as I supose this won't work. So I dicovered dotConnection for SQLITE. I installed it and works fine in Visual studio. As much as I know, IronPython Studio uses Visual studio, but I can not see the dotConnection controls in IronPython Studio. Is there a way how to inegtae it into IronPython Studio.

One more thing. Which is the keyboard shortcut for code snippets?


Oct 29, 2008 at 5:41 PM
Hy azrael and everybody,
i discover IronPython studio, i'm a senior python developer and new .net developer(i think that both are programmers walking in diferent road and studio crossover! :-D ).
I have many trouble working with visual studio and add dataset by hand, or datagridviews or bindingnavigators objets. For me it's impossible to construct a decent GUI with databases, except by hand. Somebody have some idea or how to for develop databases forms with ironpython studio.
I see some cook receips that point to do it by hand or develop the gui with c# and the business logic in ironpython(very exotic for my taste, no? i accept oppinions).

Another thing is that the environment seems that it's discontinued by clarius. It's true? Why they are not updating the tool? (Some issues are unassigned from may).

They believe in this tool or it's a research exercise-tool?
Are limited by microsoft in developing database solution with this tool?


Oct 29, 2008 at 9:57 PM

When I came to Python, I had to learn that thne developer has almost evrything to do by hand but you learned how to do it and if didn't know something than someone from the newsgroups would help you. Esspecialy when we talk about GUI aplications. I never got to learn TK so I kept going towards WX. WxGlade proved to be the only descent gui builder but had also some big issues when we talk about possible options for any class The only alternative, BoaConstructor which was actually not bad, was discontinued. Thanks GOD we have python where you work by hand doesn't last as long as in c++. So the thing that brought me to ironPython is the VS and .NET power when it comes to GUI. Looks like this could be pretty much easy. When I had to learn VB I learned that sometimes as a Python developer I had to shut my brain of and do dummy clicking work and everything worked fine. Especially when it comes to connecting VS to a MSSQL server and fill an datagrid. BUT please. Is there anything for SQLITE. dotConnect and ADO.NET look really nice, but how to intergrate them into IronPython Studio. Could please someone give some answers from this comunity. I'm a bit disapointed that the only answer I got on my post in one week is also from someone who also has a problem.