Problem downloading IPy Studio components


  1. IE8: Download unpossible. You get in a Loop between: The 'I Agree-Dialog' and a new HTML-Page with an error message.
  2. Firefox: You get a file named 'filedownload.aspx'. SAVE IT! It's the original file. You have to rename it!
  3. For 'IronPythonScreenCast' the user can see that is should be a .WMV-File but he can't see that the other files should be .ZIP-Files (There were .MSI-Files inside!)
  4. For the VS 2008 Redestributable packages (integated and isolated) where newer Versions (with smaler sizes!) avaiable on
    http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/confirmation.aspx?familyId=2e9a8c35-eb3d-43eb-9122-a5ec195cd7bb&displayLang=en and
  5. For the isolated version I run into Issue 1679; Because of having VST 2008 alredy installed I deinstalled isolated and installed integrated version. This work for me whithout missing components.