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Use IronPython Console Windows for my c# App

May 13, 2009 at 12:04 PM


The IronPython Studio Have a nice Console.

Is it possible to use this console as Component for my c# application?

The Only Solution that I have see is un IronPython Textbox but is realy more simple and there are some bugs...

My Idee is to have for my c# Application the possibility to integrate a Python Console Window to extend, debug and testing the App in real time just adding to the scop the main Object of the Application.

I dont know If the console from the Iron Python Studio is an independent Class.

The simple way I think is to have the possibility in my C# App to write somethink like That:

class MainClass


         public MainClass()


                 IronPythonConsoleWindow _pyConsole = new IronPythonConsoleWindow()

                _pyConsole.SetVariable("mainClass", this)



       public void Function1() {...}



From the Console

>>> mainClass.Funcion1()

What I would to know is if it's possible and how to use the python Console Window that is implemented in the ironPython Studio...

Thanks a lot,